Once Upon A Grimm

A Sims 3 Fantasy Legacy


Welcome to Once Upon A Grimm, a sims 3 supernatural legacy that follows the stories of the Grimm family throughout ten generations.


Generation One – Salus Grimm


Current Chapter – Chapter Two


This legacy is rated pg13/mature!!!

and will contain content that may be unsuitable for some including but not limited to sex, violence, language, and intense situations. If any of these might bother you please don’t read. But if you don’t mind then I hope you enjoy the story!

Also my stories are pretty plot-heavy and focus more on the story then on gameplay. Not everything is resolved quickly. This isn’t ‘Full House’ so if something bad happens the characters might not talk about it over sappy music and cocoa within thirty minutes. Also, and an important note for the Grimm legacy–all the pictures for the most part for a couple generations will be in black and white. There is a reason for this in the story and hopefully we’ll one day get to see the Grimms in full color 😉

The story takes place in a world where not all electronics are available to everyone. Cars certainly aren’t, nor are phones. So most towns/cities have a lot of farmland. There are monarchies, arranged marriages, balls, things unavailable to certain people because of their lineage, apprentices, blacksmiths, and–well, it’s just like a lot of Renaissance or maybe Regency type setting only in the modern world without many of the modern conveniences… if that doesn’t make sense then hope it does in the story.


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